Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 Work Plan




We, the South Dakota Bicycle Coalition, wish to disperse remaining funds after expenses are made or budgeted for (approximately $2,700) in accordance to the Terms & Conditions listed in Part I & Part II of this document.  The treasurer, Michael Christensen, will be instructed to email confirmation that the terms & conditions below were met to seek agreement for payment.  If the Treasurer or any current board member has a concern, a board meeting will be called by the Treasurer to discuss the appropriate resolution to the concern. If no concerns are made, then the Treasurer is authorized to make the appropriate payment(s).

PART I:  Items must be accomplished by December 31, 2014.
  1. Remaining Funds (except those set aside to pay specific expenses) will be made to a newly formed statewide bicycle association for all types of bicycling for completing the following:
a)      Development & submittal of a Strategic Plan containing a Mission Statement and Goals
b)      Development & submittal of articles of incorporation and bylaws requiring statewide representation of a minimum of 7 Board Members, no more than 2 in one county and a minimum of 2 from west and east of the Missouri River.
c)      Submittal of a list of board members with their addresses and minutes of a minimum of two meetings with a quorum present.

PART II:  Dispersal of all or remaining funds that were not dispersed by December 31, 2014, except for funds reserved to pay for expenses.  The exact amount to be determined by evenly dividing the funds remaining by the number of qualifying organizations listed below; all funds to be dispersed by January 31, 2015.

  1. West River Trails Coalition for documented use for the development or operations of the Rapid City to Kadoka Rails Trail; any segment of this project will qualify.  If work has ceased on this rails trails project, then the West River Trails Association will not receive any funds.  Documentation must be made by the current President of the WRTC.  WRTC must be in good standing at time of payment. 
  2. Ride Across South Dakota (RASD) ride event organization (AKA “Faces to the Falls”) for the purpose of promotion, advertising or group riding safety campaign.  RASD must be in good standing with scheduled ride in 2015 at time of payment.
  3. Adventure Cycling Organization (ACA) for coordinating efforts in South Dakota during 2014 for promoting the US Bike Routes’ segment in South Dakota with the SD Department of Transportation.  Verification for payment will be made by Ginny Sullivan of ACA or her replacement, through a letter to Michael Christiansen summarizing the coordinating efforts that were made by ACA or a representative on behalf of ACA during 2014.