Sunday, January 25, 2015

2014 Has Ended. 2015 Begins Part 2

South Dakota Bicycle Coalition
Michael Christensen
Sioux Falls, SD 

Attn: Kasey Abbott
Sioux Falls, SD


For the past year SDBC has sought to distribute its funds to a group that aspires to organize a state bicycle organization. This information has been posted on for more than a year and advertised monthly through Facebook.

No group has stepped forward to ask for the funds.

I am under direction to distribute the remaining funds to three organizations. RASDAK is one. West River Trails Coalition and Adventure Cycling are the others. Please find enclosed a check for 986.60 which is 1/3rd of our remaining funds and represents a few more dollars than we predicted when we wrote our plan in October 2013.

It is of course disappointing that South Dakota has struggled to gain traction with a statewide organization but hope remains alive here. We are pleased RASDAK, heading into its third tour, organized as a 501c3 this year. Many of the community minded riders near me have caught a new vision for the state as well.

Stay tuned.

Thank you RASDAK for the inspiring work and the ride that you do.

Michael Christensen, Treasurer
South Dakota Bicycle Coalition

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